WELCOME to the square foot of cyberspace devoted to my favorite method of brewing coffee: The Vacuum Coffee Pot. The appeal of the vacuum pot to me is not only one of gastronomical extent, but I also love the Art Deco design expressed in many of these pots, as well as the almost magical alchemy of the brewing process.  I hope you will find this site interesting and informative.

The Historical Development of the Vacuum Pot
An historical perspective on the origins of the glass vacuum pot.
Vacuum Pot Patent Drawings
A chronology of vacuum coffee brewer patents filed in America between 1859 and 2003.
Vacuum Pot Manufacturers UPDATED (08-February-2024)
A directory of 20th century Vacuum Pot manufacturers and retailers.
How to Brew Coffee in Your Vacuum Pot
Step-by-step instructions for brewing coffee in your Vacuum Pot.
The Physics of Vacuum Pots
Explore the physical properties at work in the operation of the Vacuum Pot.
My Vacuum Pot Collection < UPDATED (03-Mar-2024)
Photos and facts about the various vacuum coffee pots in my collection.
Vacuum Pot Print Advertising & Documentation < UPDATED (08-Feb-2024)
Links to a collection of Vacuum Coffee Pot advertising images.
Vacuum Pot Links
Links to other Vacuum Coffee Pot sites on the Web.

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