A directory of past and present Vacuum Pot manufacturers and retailers,
with representative photos of some of their offerings. 
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Note: The photographs below have been collected from various public sites on the internet,
primarily Ebay, to provide fellow vacuum pot enthusiasts with (hopefully) useful information
and to assist with the indentification of vacuum pots. If you are the copyright holder of one 
of these photographs, please contact me to and I will remove it immediately.

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ABCO Associates, Inc.
Los Angeles, California, USA
ABCO Aluminum Vacuum Pot - ABCO Metal Vacuum Pot with Spiral Filter

Admiral Craft Equipment Corp.
Hicksville, New York, USA

Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot

Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Mirro Aluminum Vacuum Coffee Maker

Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Anchor Cookware Microwave Coffee Maker

Becher Corporation
Manchester, CT, USA / Rockville, CT, USA
Ritz Red Stripe Glass Vacuum Pot - Ritz "Carlton" Glass Vacuum Pot

Bersted Manufacturing Co.

Fostoria, Ohio, USA
Fostoria Model 57 Vacuum Brewer with Stove

Black & Decker
Towson, Maryland, USA
Infuze™ Vacuum Coffeemaker

Triengen, Switzerland
Bodum Santos - Santos Electronic (a.k.a. Starbuck's Barista Utopia)

Bloomfield Industries
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Bloomfield Stainless Steel Model 34-201 (ca. 1961)

Buffalo Manufacturing Co.
Buffalo, New York, USA
James Van Marter's 1898 "Coffee Apparatus"

See Hartford Products Corp.

C C Mfg. Co.
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Clydeware Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot

Club Aluminum Products, Co.
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Club Glass GV8R - Club Aluminum Automatic (GE) (Joslin & Westerhof Imports, LLC)
Ilion, New York, USA
eSiphon Electric Vacuum Brewer

Cona Ltd.
Cona Syphon D - ConaTable Model Deluxe Size I
ConaTable Model Deluxe Size II -
Cona Table Model 2A - Cona 3

Corning Glass Works (Pyrex)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Pyrex Model 27 - Pyrexware 7748 - Crown Pyrex Vacuum Pot - Pyrex "De Luxe" -
Pyrex "Miser" CM-4B
Pyrex JAJ 6-Cup

Cory Corporation (Glass Coffee Brewer Corp.)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cory DKG-SCory "Custom" Chrome Electric - Cory DIG-S 12-Cup "Banquet Size" - Cory "Guest" DGL/DGU
Cory Milkglass with Blue Snowflakes - Cory "Royal" Rubberless Brewer - Cory Glass & Metal Brewer
Cory "Patrician" DAU/DAL - Cory "Cafe" CSU/CSL with Two-Burner Stove - Cory "Buffet Queen"
Cory DRL/2 DRU/2 Gold Decoration - Cory Vacuum Brewer with plastic Upper Bowl

Crystal Percolator Company, Inc.
New York, NY, USA
Filtrola Vacuum Pot (Ricciardelli & Bleichrode design)

David Thomson (Naperians)

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

1860 Plain White Napierian - 1860 Maroon China & Silver Plate Napierian - 1860 Crown Derby Napierian

Diamond Craft
[Unknown] Made in U.S.A.
1940 Metal Vacuum Brewer

Duck Trans International (Importer)
Belmont, CA, USA
Coffee Syphon with Burner/Warmer

Dunbar Glass Company
Dunbar, West Virginia, USA
"Dunbar Cooking Gla
ss" Vacuum Pot - Vacuum Pot with Applied Floral Design


The Duralex Company/Buckeye Aluminum Co., Wooster, Ohio, USA
Aluminum with Black Handles - "Deluxe" Aluminum with Red Handles - Glass Vacuum Pot


See S. W. Farber, Inc.

See Hartford Products Corp.

Flavor-Seal Corporation
Northfield, Illinois, USA

Flavor-Seal Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot

General Electric (Hotpoint)
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

GE "Kingston" Vacuum Pot - GE AW8 Vacuum Pot - GE DW8 Vacuum Pot -
GE Hotpoint (Silex Lido) - GE Hotpoint "Mohawk" - GE Hotpoint "Dorchester" - GE Hotpoint (Glasbake)

Gildhar, Ltd.
Dallas Texas
Gildhar Model 120 Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot

La Verne, California (parent company based in Japan)
Nouveau - Super Technica - Mocha - Vintage Gold Decorated

Hartford Products Corp. (Firestone / Cafex / Maid of Honor)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Firestone Glass Vacuum Brewer
Cafex Vacuum Brewer - Cafex Model CFG-8-B
Maid of Honor Aluminum Vacuum Brewer - Maid of Honor Glass Vacuum Pot
Maid of Honor "Flamex" Whistling Vacuum Brewer (distributed by Sears Roebuck)

Heat Resistant Glass Corp.
New York, USA
Gold Seal Vacuum Pot

Lyon, France
Tabletop Vacuum Brewer - Hellem "Gordian" Vacuum Brewer

Hills-Shaw, Inc. / Vaculator / JAVAC
Chicago, Illinois, USA
1935 Vaculator (with Ad) - Hills-Shaw 4-cup Vacuum Pot - "Genuine Vaculator" Pot
JAVAC Vacuum Brewer #1 - JAVAC Vacuum Brewer #2

Inland Glass Works
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Triple XXX "The Commodore" - "MagicFlo" Vacuum Pot - Inland Coffee "Pleasure Chest" Set

See Hills-Shaw, Inc.

The Kent Products Company
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Kent Iridescent Ruby - Kent Ruby Floral - Kent Blue Stripe - Kent Red Stripe
1946 Kent Model 67 "White Frost" Presentation Set


St. Joseph, Michigan, USA
KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer

Knapp Monarch Co.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Stainless Steel Electric Vacuum Brewer



Konos Coffee Siphon


Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Kromex 4 cup Aluminum Vacuum Pot - Kromex Aluminum Vacuum Pot - Kromex "New Improved" Deluxe Model

Landers, Frary and Clark
See Universal

-Evans Glass Co.
Charleroi, Pennsylvania, USA
MacBeth-Evans Nu-Way "Miracle" Vacuum Pot - MacBeth-Evans Thermo Glass Vacuum Pot

Maid of Honor
See Hartford Products Corp.

Manhattan Glass Percolator Company
New York, New York, USA

Meriden, Connecticut, USA
1938 Manning-Bowman Vacuum Pot with Stove

McKee Glass Company
Jeanette, Pennsylvania, USA
1937 Polka Dot GlasBake Vacuum Brewer - No. 88 6-Cup Coffee Maker - Range-Tec Vacuum Brewer
Range-Tec with Colored Stripes - GlasBake Milk Glass Vacuum Brewer

Moore Enameling & Mfg. Co. (MEMCO)
West Lafayette, Ohio, USA
Memco Black & White Enameled Metal Vacuum Pot

Monitor Equipment Corporation
New York, New York, USA
Model 552-A 001495

National Stamping & Electric Works (White Cross)
Chicago, Illinois / St. Louis, Missouri, USA
White Cross Vacuum Brewer #1 - White Cross Vacuum Brewer #2 - White Cross Vacuum Brewer #3
hite Cross Coffee-Vac Filters

Nicro Steel Products, Inc.
(later part of Cory Corp.)
Cook County, Il
linois, USA
Nicro Stainless Steel Vacuum Brewer - Cory/Nicro Stainless Steel 468 - Nicro Electric Vacuum Brewer

Paramount Glass Percolator Mfg. Company (later the Paramount Utensil Mfg. Company)
New York, New York, USA
Paramount Glass Percolator (see 1915 Patent Drawing)

Perfecto Products
Los Angeles, California
Perfecto Aluminum Vacuum Pot - Perfecto Aluminum Vacuum Pot #2 - Perfecto Aluminum Vacuum Pot #3

rance or England
Rapalier-style Brass & Glass Vacuum Brewer (ca. 1900)

Polan Fireglas
Huntington, West Virginia, USA
Polan Fireglas Coffeemaker

See Corning Glass Works

Robertson & Co.
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Robertson & Co. Napierian

Royal P&B Products
Antwerp, Belgium
Royal "Pays-Bas" (Balacing Siphon)  - Royal "Versailles" (Balancing Siphon)
Royal "Cafetino" (Napierian)

S. W. Farber, Inc.
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Farberware Coffee Robot No. 500 - Farberware Coffee Robot No. 510 - Farberware No. 748 Stovetop
Farberware Coffeemaker No. 10 - Farberware Coffee Robot No. 50
Farberware Coffee Robot No. 600

Samson United
Rochester, New York, USA
1937 Samson United Vacuum Pot - Samson EtchedGlass Vacuum Pot

Serv-O-Matic, Ltd.
Toronto, Canada
"Filtro "Trademaster" 8-cup Vacuum Pot

Sheridan Electro Corporation
Chicago, Illinois, USA
"Vogue" Vacuum Pot - Instructions (Front) (Back)

The Silex Company
Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Early Silex Model - 1914 Behrend SilexEarly Silex Electric - 1931 Silex "Lido" - Silex "Delray" (Black)
Silex "Delray" (Red) - Silex Delray "Electric Automatic" - Silex "Delray Decorated" - Silex "Lido Decorated"
Silex "Yosemite" - Silex Jr. 2-cup - Silex Jewel Tea "Victory" Model - Silex "Pinehurst" Electric 
Silex "Regent" - Silex "Constellation" - 6-Cup Silex "Ruby" - 2-Cup "Ormand" - Silex UW8/LW8 (Red Trim)

Solar-Sturges Mgf. Co.
Melrose Park, Illinois, USA
Stainless Steel "Permanent" Vacuum Pot

Sunbeam (Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sunbeam "Model B" Glass Vacuum Pot - Sunbeam "Coffeemaster" 1936 Service Set
Sunbeam "Coffeemaster" C20B - Sunbeam "Coffeemaster C30  - Sunbeam "Coffeemaster C30A
Sunbeam "Coffeemaster" C40 - Sunbeam "Coffeemaster" C50

Taste King / Bestmade (sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co.)

1942 Taste King Vacuum Pot - Taste King "Merit" Vacuum Pot - Bestmade Vacuum Pot - 1942 Taste King Vacuum Pot

Tayli Vacuum Pot

Twinbird Vacuum Pot

Universal (Landers, Frary & Clark)
New Britain, Connecticut, USA
1916 Universal Vacuum Pot - 1916 Universal Cafenoira - 1931 "Universal Cafetera" -
Universal Vacuum Pot with Stove (white trim) - Universal Vacuum Pot with Stove (brown trim)

Universal "Electrovac"

See Hills-Shaw, Inc.

Vita Craft Corp.
Shawnee, Kansas, USA
Vita Craft Vacuum Pot

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Visi-Vac Glass Vacuum Brewer with Stove

West Bend Aluminum Co.
West Bend, Wisconsin, USA
No. 68 Flavo-Vac Aluminum Vacuum Brewer

Mansfield, Ohio, USA
Westinghouse Glass Vacuum Brewer - Westinghouse Glass Coffee & Tea Maker
Westinghouse CM-81 Electric Vacuum Pot - 1941 Westinghouse-Felver Vacuum Pot

White Cross

See National Stamping and Electric Works

Wilbur Curtis

Hollywood, California, USA
Wilbur Curtis Stovetop Vacuum Brewer - Curtis "Flameglas" Restaurant Vacuum Brewer

Worthmore Aluminum

Worthmore Aluminum Stovetop Vacuum Brewer

Yama Glass
Taichung, Taiwan
Yama 5-cup Stovetop - Yama 8-cup Stovetop - Yama 3-cup Tabletop - Yama 5-cup Tabletop

Unidentified Manufacturer, Mystery Pots, and Oddities
Red & White Enameled Metal Vacuum Pot
South American "A Los Mandarines" Vacuum Pot
Roma L-W-8 Vacuum Pot
Unknown Glass Vacuum Pot (Stove marked "Sears-Robuck Heatmaster")
"Excel Whistling" Aluminum Vacuum Pot (poss. made by Excel Mfg, Corp., Muncie, IL)
Unknown Ribbed Glass Vacuum Brewer (Very similar to this Glas-bake Ad)
"Wards" Vacuum Pot (Prob. made by Hills-Shaw)
Unknown Glass Vacuum Pot (Sold by Sears in 1939 Ad)
Unknown French Vacuum Pot (Marked "PYREX France")
"Baraka" French Vacuum Pot (Marked "Verre Pyrex")
"Bonca" French Vacuum Pot (unmarked)
Unknown Red Stripe Vacuum Pot (Marked with "CV" on glass)

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