Links to other Vacuum Coffee Pot resources on the Web. 
The Coffee Kid
The "coffee lover's obsession site" -- Not as active or as informative as it used
to be, but there's still some useful space devoted to vacuum pots.
19th Century Roasters
A site devoted to coffee roasters with lots of great images of vacuum pots
and related advertising and ephemera.
Vintage Coffee Paraphernalia
A site devoted to showing interesting examples of coffee makers.
Looking for a MODERN Vacuum pot?
Check out this buying guide on

Replacement Parts:
Wire Trivets / Heat Diffusers
A wire trivet is recommended when using a glass vacuum pot on an electric stove.
Various online retailers sell inexpensive wire trivets (also called "heat diffusers" or
"stove rings"):
030734056868.gif (1202 bytes) Stainless Steel
Stove Ring
chemex_grid.gif (1363 bytes) Chemex Wire Grid
Heat Diffuser
wire_diffuser.gif (1150 bytes) Fitz-All Wire
Heat Diffuser (2-pk)

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